I love it when God shows up to keep me from sinking.  The decision to make films out of my Summer Ray Series was nothing less than an act of faith. I jumped out of the boat of a safety net and onto the waters of filmmaking. Almost nine (9) years into the project, I have dealt with sharks; waves of doubt; the storms of my own personal life and so much more. The hardest part of faith is not seeing results – just yet.  After so many years of laboring, recently I had felt like I was going backwards. Eventhough, I knew I wasn’t, it still seemed to be so entirely hopeless. God brought an amazing Graphic Designer into my life that I did not have last year. Sometimes things are put on a temporary hold until what ever needs to be fixed is fixed. I am reminded of a broken bone. You still have the bone, but it has to be held immovable for a few weeks, until the bone can heal. Trying to use a broken bone is unbearably painful. But it is also dangerous. We don’t want our bones to heal wrong or they would have to be broken again just to heal right. My expertise of websites, branding, logo etc. is very limited to almost non existent. I did my very best to create those things, but let’s face it (or I had to face the fact) that they were unprofessional. So, when the time was right, God sent me to the right person to help me.

So, I know God is moving. But, things needed to be healed before the screenplay (as a whole), including the books and the promotion for the films etc. could be at their very best, in order for us to move forward. If one of our arms are broken, we cannot be carrying groceries with them. So that arm is basically useless until it is healed. I feel like, we are going through a healing process to be useful in the very near future.

Do I get discouraged and worn out? Of course. It has been one hardship after another. But it has also been one upgrade after another. My faith tells me to continue to believe even when I do not yet see the end result…which is to be fully funded so that we can get to production. What a glorious time that will be. God is still setting things up. I just need to be looking for His timing and His ways to walk in them. I didn’t know I needed a Graphic Designer or let me put it this way, I did not believe I needed one, until God put me on his doorstep. But because I knew it was God, I listened. I do not just listen to every Tom, Dick and Harry. I will listen, however, when I know it is God who has intervened. I trust His wisdom.

I am so happy with the new improvements; logo and professional headshots too. It was all God’s doing. We have crossed over into professionalism…or showing that we are professionals. We are starting to master the art of our craft and we WILL be taken seriously!





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