For a few moments, the removal of the Confederate Monuments took a back seat to the hurricanes. Beauty rose from the ashes of destruction and now that two of the storms have passed, social media is right back to the Confederacy. Today, it was General George Pickett being a woman and more removal of General Robert E. Lee’s statues.  It was reported he “beat slaves.” If there is one thing I cannot stand, it is ignorance. Robert E. Lee was a God fearing man. Slavery has long been abolished. Yet, modern day lawlessness is blamed for what happened over 150 years ago. A former Presidental candidate blames everyone but herself for her loss and round and round we go!

When all of the statues are gone, what then? What will be left in this country to remove?  What are future generations going to be learning in schools that there was no Civil War? America has already removed God from schools and it’s court houses, the Confederacy is well on its way to extinction. Or is it? I do believe there is one thing they forgot and that is Confederate blood runs deep in its anscestors. They can take our monuments and even erase it from its history books. But they cannot remove it from our being. We are who we are and we will forever stand. We are not going anywhere. The fight in us is greater than the fight in them. They will grow tired. They will grow faint and they will find something else to blame that will justify their despicable behavior. But the Confederacy will stand. History, like it or not, is not something that can ever be erased. It can be forgotten. It can be lied about. It can also be taken down in hopes of it being changed. But it cannot be erased. We know who we are and where we came from. We know the truth of the great General Robert E. Lee. Say what you will against him, it won’t change the truth in our hearts.

Our battle flags will fly high. Our films will speak of the heroics of those brave men at Pickett’s Charge. We won’t falter and we won’t back down to hate. When the statues are all taken down, what will you blame your own racism on? What will you blame your own hate on? When there is nothing left to blame but your own self, look to General Robert E. Lee when he said, “It’s all my fault. I thought my men were invincible.” He was a true man of integrity; a man of good moral character. Which General George Washington said was the “first essential in a man.”

Stop blaming the past for your present!




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