It’s nice to be able to sit back, take a deep breath and say, “Wow! Look how far we have come.” Instead of looking at how short or how far we have yet to go, we are going on close to 9 years and there is no turning back. It is somewhat ironic that everytime someone leaves the project, it is with always the same negative ending, “Well, good luck.” “Oh, it had so much potential.” Like their leaving was going to cause the production to suddenly end and that they are the one’s who gave the project potential. I never understood this type of arrogance.

But thankfully, we are making the necessary adjustments and much needed improvements. I am very pleased and very excited with our progress. There has been a lot of horrible things going on in this country, but I had to stop focusing my attention on them. I cannot change them. But, I can continue full steam ahead and do what I know to do. We need to be moving forward with as much speed and as much energy as we can muster. I have never heard God tell me to go “full steam ahead” until now. It is time to step it up and get it done.






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