Grieved at the destruction of another Confederate Monument, I went to the Gettysburg bBattlefield and ended up here. This is Big Round Top where the story of Summer Ray began. I have been coming to this spot for over 8 years and today was the first time I saw something profound – the roots of the trees and how they wrapped around the boulders.

I have no idea how long these trees have been standing. I do know they are strong and their roots are deep. They have withstood storm after storm and the harsh East Coast winters. Not every tree survives for this long, but these have. When you see the size of their roots and how far they spread out, it is easy to see why. People might not believe in the paranormal ghosts at Gettysburg. I have never seen a soldier, but I have sensed them. They know I love them and they know when I am sad for them, like today. But like today, God showed me the answer. The Confederate heritage runs deep and its roots are spread abroad. It will survive this storm of idiotic hatred and racism against its flag and monuments. I may not have been raised in a Confederate home; but my ancestors, many of them, are Confederates.

The Summer Ray story isn’t a fix all story. But it does give honor to our soldiers; past, present and future.  I did not know 8 1/2 years ago what would transpire in the future. But God did, and perhaps has raised up Summer Ray for such a time as this.  If there was ever a moment in time when the story is needed, it is now.  Hate and racisim have nothing to do with lifeless objects. It has to do with the color of one’s heart.  Here is an excerpt of the screenplay where Summer is conversing with Rosa Parks.


As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” So, tell me Summer Ray, when I chose to sit at the front of the bus instead of the back, did I fit in?


No Ma’am. You helped to change the course of history.


My disability was not from an accident like yours. I was born a colored woman in a white man’s world. My limitation was the color of my skin, but it was not the color of my heart.

It doesn’t matter what color your skin is. What color is your heart? The Confederate Battle Flag and monuments have nothing to do with hatred and racism. If that is the case, the American and Federal Flags would also have to represent hatred and racism too. What about the Cherokee Trail of Tears? What about the Yankees who own slaves? Although I cannot speak for others, I can only speak for my story. Summer Ray is being produced and we will do our part to preserve history; to honor our soldiers – past, present and future and to thank God for this beautiful country. The Confederate Battle Flag will fly high where it is deemed appropriate.




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