Dead weight…what is it exactly? For what I am referring to, it is defined as  “the heaviness of a person or object that cannot or does not move by itself.” I have enough of my own load to bear, but when someone does not carry his or her own weight – my load becomes oppressive. Which means, “unjustly inflicting hardship and constraint; weighing heavily on the mind or spirits; causing depression or discomfort.” The definition that stands out the most to me is, “weighing heavily!” Ultimately, I am spending more time thinking on fruitless things, when I should be putting that energy to good use. Turn the page. Because those days are over!

No longer do I feel the need to accept excuses. I have been extremely benevolent and kind hearted in regard to the some who are wanting to be a part of this project. But, one can only carry someone else’s weight for so long, before their own legs begin to buckle from too much weight. I am throwing off the dead weight from here on out. I am driven by purpose and powered by compassion. Those are two very important elements to have in this project. My purpose is fueled by my love for mankind; to reach a dark world with the light of Summer Ray – which is ultimately the light of the Lord. She knows she cannot function without Him. She knows she is lost and hopeless, without Him. She knows she must look to Him for her life to be restored. All of these components steer her, to help her steer others in the right direction.

When others drag me down and weigh down my course – it stops the flow of light from getting where it needs to be. And that my friends, is very wrong and will not be tolerated. I am not responsible to meet the needs of the cast and crew, other than what the contracts require. I am not willing to drive to pick anyone up. I am not going to house anymore people. I am not even going to make the phone calls to get people to audition. I am going to make sure notices are posted. Our Casting Director will also make sure the auditions are posted, and what is expected of each role. There are now only a handful of people I have chosen. The rest, I am letting fall by the wayside. I owe nothing to anyone and my obligations are to keep this film project moving forward. But, when it comes to a dead stop due to dead weight, it is time to cut that weight off. My love for people compels and forces me to.

I will be as detailed as I possibly can in regard to what is expected. Look for updates on the Facebook – The Memoirs of Summer Ray page, or this website. We are moving forward,  not to be slowed down any longer! Just think how much easier it will be, to not have to swim or paddle upstream against the current of crap. Just think how much freer we will be, without all of the excuses. Don’t give me excuses, when people are in such desperate need of light, love and hope.

The page is turned,









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