I find it incredibly sad that elected officials are allowing the destruction of our history, when it is history that created the jobs they reside in. Our American history is rich in struggle; but just as rich in overcoming adversity. When you remove the struggle or the symbols of it, you then create a nation that is weak in the future. They will not be strong enough to withstand any adversary that comes their way. Suicide will be on the rise because they will not have the backbone to handle the storms of life.

Creating “safe houses” because Hillary Clinton lost the election, is just down right pathetic. We have coddled this group of people to the point they cannot function without some kind of socialistic madness. Marching against the new president, while wearing vagina hats – these women have demoralized themselves to an all time low.

Removing the Confederate Battle Flags and Monuments, are not going to stop history from being remembered. But, it will provide a means to usher in a possible new Civil War. How has this country forgotten the horrific atrocities of that war, is beyond my understanding. Yet, this country is doomed to repeat it. But this time, it will not be with the North and South. It will be with the different hate groups fighting amongst each other. It will be groups rioting against those who are trying to preserve American history.

I cannot help but to be who I am. I am a Patriot. I am a woman with Confederate ancestors. But, I still am a Yankee woman raised in the North. My Summer Ray film series has the potential to make an incredible impact on the world, but more importantly right here in America. We don’t have to try and please everyone. There will be those who will down right hate us!  But we will march forward and bring honor to those brave soldiers; Union and Confederate and we will bring awareness to the sufferings of our present day soldiers.

Protest against us, it will only make us stronger! I am calling on all (especially) my Confederate brothers and sisters to help us in our cause. Even a $5.00 donation added with other $5.00 donations goes an incredibly long way. Please share this post with everyone you can. We are moving forward with this film. If you would like to donate, simply click on the “donate” button and it will take you to our fundraising campaign. Your donation is tax deductible. So please give what you can and share, share, share. We are not going to allow the liberals and the lefts to take us out! We need to stop the madness.

God Bless you and thank you!

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