When the ball starts to finally roll down hill, chase after it and do not procrastinate. Now is the time to build momentum. This picture is precisely what I saw on February 09, 2009 when I when to Big Round Top to do research on my first book, “The Blessings of Liberty.” I had no idea how that one decision to climb this hill, would change the course of my life forever.  Eight and a half years later, 5 Summer Ray books and the screenplay to the first film is completed.

When we came to a place where things were somewhat in limbo, the Lord and others impressed it upon me, to concentrate on promoting the book series. With so many roads that were blocked, I had to recalucate and reroute our steps toward getting the film funded. With so many amazing book reviews, I had to start really believing in their worth and not just in the films.

We are on the move to create the “buzz” and excitement around the book series, to gain the necessary interest in the films. I just want to say, “Thank you,” for those who have supported our project and those who we will meet along the way. I am so greatly appreciative of you.



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