This time last year, I could not get my leg this high. At best, it was hip height. But throughout the year, I have been diligent to stretch, work out, ride my bike and of course, skate. Still, I have not been able to do this on ice yet. But the fact that I can do it off ice without any problem (except someone holding up my leg), proves I can accomplish it on ice too.

Since I skate in the film, it has been important for me to keep up with my skating. It is also important for us to look back and see the progress we have made. I didn’t know my leg could get so high up, until I actually tried it. The stretching; pulling; crying; whining; bruises from crashes and so forth, have created advancement. I have developed and I have improved. But, this also reflects on the progress of the film too. Just today, I was given advice that actually has become the tipping point. I had not seen it the way I see it now and boy, is it ever an eye opener. We have advanced and improved, though our faith and our dilegence has been stretched time and time again. But, here we are…farther than some thought we would ever be. I am on this new edge and I am extremely excited about this new pitch. Why? Because I can see it clearly now. Athough, I knew about it. I just never saw it. I never got it till today. Perhaps now is the time, I needed to “get it.”

I’m on it in full force. Can’t stop now…look at how far we have been stretched. But look how far we have come? Had we not been stretched, we would have been stuck in the same old rut! Nope! Not us. We are going places. We have movies to be made, and books to be signed. We are reaching for the stars and we will proudly shine with the rest of them! We have a purpose to fulfill and we will do it with the grace of God. Progress…we have made it. Now, to get on with it and cross the finish line!





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