After an awesome consultation with our film’s Fiscal Sponsor (From the Heart Productions), it is time to reinvent how we are going to go about raising our funding. “Reinvent” is defined as – to makeover; improve; make completely new; to give a fresh face to; and to change the appearance of something to make it better. The phrase, “don’t invent the wheel” doesn’t apply in our case. The wheel, thus far, has not been as successful as we had hope. So, what do we do? We reinvent what we have and we work on improving it. This includes our fundraising campaign – we start over; writing news articles; finding ways to bring the book series into the foreground, instead of on the back burner; and so on. We have to breathe new life into our project and create a new energy and interest.

With the book reviews being as spectacular as they are, we have to forge through the things that have set us back. We can no longer sit on the sidelines, when we need to cross the river to success. I look at this picture and I cannot help but see the determination in George Washington and the Continental Army. Colonel Henry Knox stated:

“Perseverance accomplished what at first seemed impossible.”

“Perseverance” is defined as – steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. We have to have the same resolve, even if we have to go the extra mile to reinvent what we have, to make it better. When we have people in our corner who believe in what we are doing and who are there to show us the way, we need to answer the call and do what is necessary to cross the finish line. Our funding is out there, somewhere. We just have to figure out how to bring it in.  But, I believe it starts with making the necessary changes to improve what we have.

I’m on it!




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