“To beat one’s head against the wall”  is defined as – to waste one’s time trying hard to accomplish something that is completely hopeless.

“Roadblock” is defined as – something that blocks progress or prevents accomplishment of an objective.

Lately, I have heard these two phrases and it has caused me to expand my thinking. I have had a rough few months and I stepped temporarily away from the film. But, I have not quit. Because of my faith in Almighty God, I know that this is not hopeless. I know that all things are possible to those who believe. So, I am not in a state of panic about the funding. I am not in a depressed mood because it hasn’t gotten here yet, or because I haven’t figured it all out yet. I have to see any roadblocks and press through them or go around them. If I need to go back and study what I may have forgotten, or perhaps I missed a step or two a long the way. Still, I know the funding is not late and it will arrive on time. But that is in God’s time, not in Juliana’s. I would like to see it today. But, God might not allow it to arrive until a few tomorrow’s and I have to be willing to trust in His timing. He knows the state of the world. He knows the impact this film series will have, not just in America, but also to other countries. One thing we all have in common whether we are here in the United States, or living on other continents, is that “God so loved the world.” Salvation is not gender rated, nor is it a respector of persons. It is available to all men, women and children. God even had me change my production and publishing company name to LOVE Publications, Productions & More. He wants LOVE to be the emphasis or the main ingredient and what is given the most attention to.

I wrote this series out of love for the lost; for the people who need Jesus. Which is every human being that has ever been born. I know I cannot reach everyone. I know that there will be haters and critics. But, if we create a film to the absolute best of our ability, perhaps those haters and critics won’t have so much to hate or to criticise. Perhaps they will see the light of the love of God expressed throughout the series, and find Him for themselves. Is that not why we do what we do? When I look at the above picture, it might be foggy and hazy, but the focal point is the sun that is shining through it. That is where I believe we are now. We have been surrounded by the haze of uncertainty and darkness, but it is a new day. The sun is rising on our behalf and we are now able to move forward. All glory, honor and praise must go to God.

Don’t ever let anyone talk you out of your dreams; for just on the horizon, they could be so close to coming true as well.






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