For most of my children’s growing up years, I was a single mom. Although I knew Summer Ray was also a single mom, I never really thought much about it as I was always focused on some other parts of the books and screenplay. This was until recent reviews that turned everything right side up. I just wrote from the heart what I knew and allowed my imagination to take the story further. When people who don’t know me, or anything about my life and read the story without preconceived ideas, it helps me to see clearly how the story of Summer Ray affects people. When it reaches into someone’s soul and brings an essence of empathy, it becomes more than just a story. It crosses over into becoming a “Mission.” Which in turn, becomes the focal point or the center of the purpose.

It is quite a responsibility. But, because Summer Ray took on a life of her own, her inner most self comes through the pages of the books. This is what we are going to convey on screen. Yet, I think to get the full message of the story, both reading and witnessing the books come to life are necessary. Yet, many people do not have the time to read, or some cannot read. So, we have to do everything we can to bring the heart of the Summer Ray Series to life. It is possible, I will have the story also on audio. It is already translated into many different languages with the help of Kindle.

I am even more determined to spread the Summer Ray story in both book and film medium.  I will end this blog with two of my most recent life changing (for me) reviews.

Most people will relate to Summer and her personal struggles. Even readers who are not “into history,” can relate to feeling despair and desiring hope and peace.  Readers without TBI can still relate to Summer’s struggles; whether it’s the specific situation of being a single mom or suicidal, or just the psychological situation of being frustrated and misunderstood and wondering why bad stuff happens.  Christians can relate to the “WHY, God???” struggle.  Every person has an experience that allows them to relate to Summer in some way.  Yes, the Summer Ray series is complex, but that is how life is and therefore how we, the readers, engage with the books, no matter what background and walk of life we come from.

 I enjoyed reading “This  Fair and Blighted Land ” because of the way the author was so vivid in her description of Gettysburg in Civil War times and today.  The way she would go back in time and describe the soldiers was as if she was really there.  The way they suffered and she made you feel their pain and could picture yourself there also.  It made you want to continue to the next chapter to see what feelings would be expressed. I am eager to read the next book to follow Summer Ray as she continues to discover her link from the past to the person she is today. I enjoyed the book so much. Being a single parent with a son, I felt like Summer Ray at times. I can’t wait to read the next book. Thank you.
GOD IS GOOD! Juliana

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