I was thinking about when we will make the film, when God stopped me. He told me, “You are already making it.” Then He proceeded to show me how. When I finally am able to eat a delicious cupcake – okay like three of them, the making of the cupcakes started with the idea. I then had to buy the ingredients; bring them home; open the packages; pull out the utensils; get the bowls; turn the oven on; mix the ingredients; pour it into cupcake holders in the pan; put the pan in the oven; eat the left over batter – but of course; set the timer; wait…..; ding; put on the oven mits; open the oven door; pull out the cupcakes; set them on the stove; wait for them to cool….; open the icing and eat some; spread icing on the cooled cupcakes; peel off the paper wrapper; EAT one, two, or three!


But, was I making the cupcakes only when I ate them, or was I making them during the process? You see, I couldn’t have eaten the cupcakes, unless I was making them. Anymore than I can watch a film, if I don’t go through the process of adding all the necessary ingredients that goes into making it. So you see again, I am making a film. Just because I haven’t started filming yet, doesn’t mean I am not making it. I am. I am gathering all the supplies; people; locations; funds and everything else needed, to create a smashing success of a film series. But, it starts with the first one.

I cannot begin to express just how much work goes into “gathering” all the necessary ingredients for a film. It gets bigger and bigger as we go along. But, because I know God is with me, I am not intimidated. I know He has this. I know He will make a way and I know He is and will provide everything and everyone needed. Sometimes, I get impatient and that is my issue. So, I have to wait for Him to open the next door and when He does, it is absolutely awesome! I AM, making This Fair and Blighted Land Part I. I am in the process of it and I cannot tell you how much of a relief that was when God explained it to me.  He is good!

Till next time,

Juliana 🙂

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