I really love this picture. Though he is only a statue, it still shows he has a destination in mind as well as the horse. I woke up with the need to create a “Vision Board.” In my research of filmmaking, I have seen them over and over again. It is a great way to stay focused and single minded on set goals and the destination we want to reach. In case of the film, it is distribution and success.  In all honesty, it was never my intent to become a filmmaker. I just knew the story of Summer Ray had to be seen and heard on the big screen. I never wanted to invest so much of my life into something, I had no previous knowledge of. So, I guess you could say, I have had many years of on the job training.  But, what am I supposed to do with it, once the first film is released? There are 5 more books to go, maybe 6. What about the other goals I want to reach? I want to skate and dance and learn music theory and other arts. But, mostly, I want to skate and dance.

So, I have to create vision boards; one for business and the other for personal. Being a filmmaker is a job, as well as being an author. While skating and dancing, are personal. Those are pieces of who I am. The filmmaking and writing part, is what I do. If I don’t learn to somehow separate the two, I will end up putting too much to one, and not the other and I will become unbalanced and very unhappy. Which I think is part of my problem. I am just not happy with my life or with myself. I may be accomplishing a lot, but I am not fulfilled – “not satisfied or happy because of fully developing one’s abilities or character.” I am not developing all the parts of me and it makes me sad. I can now start to let some of the film go and put it into the hands of very capable people, while I go on and work on developing my other goals.

It will take a tremendous amount of pressure off of me. It doesn’t mean I won’t be around or have anything more to do with the film. It just means, I am ready now for someone else and others to take the reigns. I will do only what I need to do, and let others take care of the rest. This will free up more time for me to take those dance classes or have more ice time. It will allow me once again to breathe, without the heavy weight of thinking, I have to control everything. I don’t. I don’t have to control everything. It’s quite the breakthrough, my friends. I don’t have to “micro-manage” when knowledgable and capable people are at the helm, steering us the rest of the way to distribution. Though I will have a say in certain things, I simply don’t have to be bogged down anymore with having to wear every hat. I can allow others the freedom to wear their own hats, and bring to the table, their own unique set of qualifications and gifts and the destination, will be a phenomenal film series.

So, back to my, “Vision Board!”


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