Sometimes I forget that “God is able” and I take the burdens of this film on myself.  Well, my shoulders are not that big and I cannot carry the weight of it. Believe me, I have tried and I laid underneath it a helpless, crushed mess! But, the good news is, I didn’t stay there. I picked myself back up and cast my care onto the only one big enough to carry this film, and that is Jesus!

I do not pretend that I know all the answers of the how’s and when’s. But, I do know that Summer Ray is a good work, “For His righteous cause!” I do know, it will go on to help millions of people find their way through the storms of life. It might just be one piece of the puzzle that they need, but none the less, it is a piece that we are happy to be a part of.

I have to stop looking at the future. Today, I am a filmmaker. I might not have ever wanted to be a filmmaker, but none the less that is what I am. Today, is the day of provision. I don’t have to sit here and chew my fingernails, pull my hair or beat on my desk in wonder, anguish or despair.  Today, is the day of provision. God’s promises are, “Yes” and “Amen!” I have to look to Him and see the finished film by faith. God is able. Today, is the day of provision and answers. It is a day of awesome wonder, instead of despairing and wondering how it will get done. Today, is the day of provision. Today, I am a filmmaker. Today, God is providing in abundance, all we need and them some, to make an astonishing film series. Today, is the day of rejoicing for all our needs being met. Today, is the day of gladness that we did not quit, when it looked like we should have. Today, we have crossed over the finish line, of what we didn’t have yesterday, because we sure have it today! Glory to God! He is able.

Oh how I hope this film series inspires the multitude to never give up. You could be just one step away, or one more minute to crossing your own finish line and you don’t even know it. So, stay with the project. Don’t quit. Don’t give up. Don’t throw in the towel. If you say, “It can’t be done.” Then guess what, it can’t. But, keep the faith because God is ever loving our reliance on Him. The bigger the dream, the more we need God to fulfill it. It’s exciting to God when we dream big. When we know and the world around us knows that our dream is utterly impossible to come true on its own.  In the case of Summer Ray, only God can pull this off and make it something beautiful.

I am a filmmaker. God is my source! Today, He is providing what we need to start Production and He will meet the need of Distribution. It is so exciting to me to finally come to this place. Today, is the day of provision. Today, is the day we have long been waiting for. Today, we are authentic! To God be the glory!


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