I have been pretty busy working on this “Film Proposal” that is close to 40 pages long. Although I can’t reveal what’s in it, I must say that I am pretty proud of it. This will be used to show investors and anyone who is interested in the film; Producers; Directors etc. Which means, we are closer than ever before and that is something to shout about.  I am not sure who will see this. But, I know God will show me. I was really excited when I realized that we will be helping to create jobs and will be blessing others who are already have them. We will need food, gas, lodging as well as paying the film crews/actors etc. I don’t know why that it never dawned on me before. But, this film project will go on to bless many people, which is what I have wanted all along. In time, I plan to have a “Summer Ray – Light the World Foundation.” It will be a non-profit to help agencies around the world. We are blessed, to be a blessing. With today’s technology this film series has the potential to reach third world countries. It is incredible that we have this at our fingertips and we must take advantage of it. We are blessed, to be a blessing!  All I can say is, I am happy I did not quit when there were so many reasons why I should. In fact, I think there were more reasons to quit, then there were to keep going. But the reasons to persevere, outweighed the excuses of giving up and here we are; we are almost ready to promote our film to investors.





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