z1-2While watching the Oscars (2017),  I can honestly say, “It’s not like it used to be.” I think people should use their influence for good, to make the world a better place. But, if some of those people cannot respect the President of the United States, like him or not, perhaps then, they should just leave the country as promised. Using the Oscars as a political forum is pathetic. It is a night where great movies and great actors and actresses are recognized. Yet, somehow over the years, the Oscars have gotten sloppy. The mistake made at the end, could have been caught in time. But, it wasn’t. Yet, every filmmaker strives to win one. I am no different.

Why a film? Although people love to read books and in many cases the books are better than the film, for me, the visual and sound aspect of the Summer Ray Book Series, with the right special and sound effects, will be astonishing. This is something that has to be seen and heard, to get the full abundance, this series has to offer. Someone on the verge of suicide, might not sit down to read a book. But perhaps, through their tears, they will sit quitely alone in a movie theater, just hoping against all hope that something they are watching, will spark a light of hope back into them. They won’t leave, the same way they came in. Which is precisely why we are working so hard to get this film series to the big screen.

I am not about to bash my President, for ill gotten gain. I am a citizen, of these great United States, and it is my duty to stand beside him and pray for him. I won’t use the influence given to me for evil. I answer to God and quite frankly, I want to sow seeds of love, kindness and goodness. Truly, we want to help make the world a better place.


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