“The army…passed the river on Christmas Night, with almost infinite difficulty. The floating ice in the river made the labor almost incredible. However, perseverance accomplished what at first seemed impossible. About two o’clock the troops were all on the Jersey side; we then were about nine miles from the object. The night was cold and stormy; it hailed with great violence….”


Colonel Henry Knox

Continental Army, American Revolution

(Volume 4 The Journey Home)

I have been editing the first 5 volumes of the series, so that I can put them all back on the market. I had forgotten how much of the Revolutionary War is intertwined within these books, with more to come in the 6th and 7th volumes. It is for certain, the Revolutionary War holds my heart, far greater than the Civil War does. And as  much as I love the Civil War, you can just imagine how much I love the Rev. War. What an astonishing thing to say, “Perseverance accomlished what at first seemed impossible!” Wow! It just makes me want to shout for joy.

“Perseverance” is defined as: “steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.”  George Washington, rode his horse up and down the side of the river in search of any opening in which to cross. Meanwhile, his enemies on the other side were getting drunk and sleeping. They were so secure in the impossibility of the weather conditions that they did not even consider the fact the river could be crossed. How many people are so secure in the impossibility of this film ever being produced, is probably greater than I care to admit. But, I am on the move. I am looking for any possible leads to get us funded, produced and distributed. After re-reading the story, I am 100% convinced it needs to be on the big screen. Perseverance will accomplish, what at first has seemed impossible. It will be shocking to the doubters, the haters and those who walked away. But, we wish them all well as I refuse to be a part of all that negative energy. I believe in this project. This will be accomplished and it will go on to be a smashing success. Wow! Just Wow!

I cannot wait to see history come to life, along with all of the other storylines, on the big screen. It is so exciting to me, to come across this piece of history that is actually in the 4th volume. I have been so focused on volume 1, like I said, I had forgotten just how much history is involved. #GETTINGITDONE!!!


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