It is time to take an inventory of where we are at. Going into our 9th year, I am working on Volume 6 – The Other Side of Time and Volume 7 – Through the General’s Eyes. Those won’t be completed until sometime next year as there is much to do for the first and second film before then.

The script for Part I is finished. I am extremely happy with the new added scenes and the ones that were removed that we really did not need.  Lately, we went through many bumps in the road with much uncertainty. I believe we are back on the right path to a successful first film. Remember, we are NOT making a Hollywood film. We are bringing a film to Hollywood. I do not believe we need to cast it all with the likes of Hollywood. But, we are fortunate enough to have one or two serious Hollywood actors that will bring so much strength to our film. I also believe in the cast we have and the ones we will in the future.

As each piece of the puzzle is brought together, it is exciting to watch how God moves. So many new doors are opening that always end up working for the benefit of the film. There are new contacts, new interests, new actors/actresses, and new networks. The Mood Boards are almost finished. These are interesting because they show the emotion of the film. Investors and donors don’t want a boring film to invest in and I can assure you, this film is anything but boring! The location scenes are in the process of being secured as well as the mandatory budget. The scenery is breathtaking with the many different elements of the seasons. Having the film based on the East Coast, we are taking full advantage of the winter, spring, summer and fall.

I do not pretend to know the film industry. But I can state that I am learning as it goes along what to do and what not to do.  But mostly, I have to trust my own heart and be true to myself and to my God first. People might not like that and they might even walk away. But, I am still walking the path that God has laid out for me. He is bringing the ones that are Heaven sent to help fulfill this amazing dream to a reality. I am very optimistic that we are close to being fully funded. He will provide it at the right and necessary time.


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