God never ceases to amaze me. He always encourages me a long the way, to show me, I am on the right path. My Treasurer quit and ended our friendship about two weeks ago. She told me in an email that my being so sick last year has led me to be basically crazy and mentally unstable. It was a very cruel thing to say after all I had gone through to recover, and it cut deep. Because she was Summer Ray’s biggest fan.  But, I knew regardless, I had to keep going and I will.  Traumatic Brain Injury, is also one of our storylines and is based on my head injury awhile back. I might not always deal with emotions as well as others, but I actually think I am more focused because of the TBI. One cannot accomplish all I have accomplished and be considered mentally unstable. Although it is true, I am still in Trauma Counseling from almost dying, I’ve done a pretty good job at recovery. I worked hard at it. It was not handed to me on a silver platter. I had to get up because no one could do it for me. I had to want to live and to recover. I knew I had a life still yet to be lived, and I am determined to live it.

I guess in some ways, one would have to be crazy to believe God, when everything else arounds you says differently. So in that sense, I am glad to be called crazy. Because only the God kind of crazy faith, can create something so amazing out of absolutely nothing. Bottom line: I believe in this project. I have the faith in God to see it through. I won’t quit, even though the next one closest to this project did. I am still here and I will be here long after the last film is premiered. We are inexorable – impossible to stop. We are relentless because we know the impact these films will have on society. As my friend Tina just told me, “If God be for us, who can be against us.” Thank You God! We will continue to move forward!


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