One thing we all know for certain, is the simple fact that the sun always rises in the east. But not only that, until the end of time, the sun will always rise after the evening hours have surrendered to the dawn. We know after long hours of darkness, the morning will follow. I don’t have to doubt. I know with 100% certainty it will happen. The sun will crest over that mountain again and again, until God decides it is time to end the world as we know it, and create a new one.

I am 100% certain something is coming for our good. Perhaps it is a group of investors, directors and producers all wanting to jump on board this amazing project. God has chosen those He wants to produce, direct and invest in this film. Since God’s name is attached to this project, He only wants the ones He has chosen to lead it. My judgement sometimes is clouded by friendship. Other times, I don’t look at the heart the way God does and I just see thrills and frills on the outside. But, God looks on the heart. I need to be “like-minded” spiritually with those I will hand this off to. We have to have a common goal and anyone of our “Causes” can be a goal. There has to be something there that connects us. With this in mind, I know God is pursuing this film. I know He is actively on the move to send me the people He wants involved.

So, what do I do? Do I sit around and wait? Or do I get ready everything I am able to? It is imperative  and vitally important that I follow God’s lead and do all I am humanly able. When a storm comes we “batten down the hatches.” When we know we have to pass an important test, we study. We do what we need to do, in order to meet what we know is coming head on. If I am not prepared, or ready to present, no one will take me seriously. How can they, if I don’t take this project seriously? Why waste anyone’s precious time with just talk. Even the Bible says that “Faith without works is dead.” I have given God enough works to back up my faith and I am giving investors, producers and directors enough faith to back up my film. When I am called, I will be ready!



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