When tracks are laid down, it is always with the intent of a specific destination in mind. But to get to the journey’s end, much laborious work has to be done first. Laborious is defined as: “arduous, hard, heavy, difficult, strenuous, grueling, punishing, exacting, tough, burdensome, back-breaking, challenging.” We have a specific purpose in regard to this film and that is to finish it and see it a smashing success.  I do not know how much further we have to go. I only know how far we have come. I know we are still laying tracks to get to our destination. Which after all we have been through, it is quite remarkable. But when you have something that you believe in, not to mention the fact you know it will help humanity, regardless of the terrain, you cannot quit. We are laying one track at a time. It might seem tedious: “boring, dull, long and tiresome.” But in the end, when we reach our destination, it will be worth it.

Right now we are working on securing the locations where we will be filming.  So, perhaps we are closer than I think. But however long or short it is, we will continue to press through every obstacle: “a thing that blocks one’s way; something that hinders progress, barriers, hurdles, stumbling blocks, obstructions, bar, snags, complications, problems and difficulties.” I believe this is God’s project. He will help us to see it through to completion. “He who begun a good work in you will complete it.” Philippians 1:6

Till Next Time,



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