If there is one thing that I love, it is to dress up as a lady from the Civil War. Wow! All that frill and bling, it sets me back in time. People treat me differently too. If only I could walk into an investors office, looking like this. I would have no problem giving him or her my best pitch. I am in costume and I am playing a role. But, when I have to play and be myself, it is not as easy. But, it is something that must be done. So, I have to step it up. I have to look like a lady from the 21st Century and be up to date like a real professional filmmaker would be. I need the latest styling of women’s clothing; a real cell phone and be on as many Social Media sites as possible. Why? What do I have to prove? Well, I am trying to prove that I am a professional and that I have all my “ducks in a row.” I am wanting to convince an investor that his or her money is in good hands…mine! But, if I walk in to their office looking like I just woke up, or without the slightest hint of being a professional, they won’t take me seriously and all with good reason.

So, one of my Board members Louna is helping me to “Step it up!” We are going shopping for the right modern day attire. The whole package includes nails and getting my eyebrows done. I have to “dress for success.” I know here shortly, I will be standing before great men and women. I have to wear the perfume of confidence in myself, but also in my project. I have spent many many years perfecting this craft. I need to be perfecting myself as well. Oh if only, I could waltz in to their 21st Century offices with my 19th Century role playing attire. But, I can’t. I have to sell myself as I am now. My website is also in the process of being looked over by a graphic designer. Even things like my sites have to be up to date and stepped up. Everything is being polished at this point. It’s like the top coat is finally being poured to make it all shine and smooth out the rough edges. It’s actually very exciting. Things are happening and I have to be ready. I trust in what I have in terms of this story. It’s an amazing one and people are going to want to be a part of it and all of its successes.





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