I have spent the last 7 hours researching and researching some more. The art of filmmaking and what it takes to complete a film and have it reach the theaters, is astounding.  This picture shows the beginning of The Memoirs of Summer Ray. Just when I think we are making headway, another layer shows up and I have something else to do that I didn’t know I needed. But, we need to have all of the necessary components to ensure we will be funded. We can acheive this via grants; donations and investors. But, if necessary and vital parts are missing things will still lie dead. It would be like trying to drive a car without it’s key or without gasoline to make it run; or like trying to live without a heart. These organs are vital to life, be it a car or a human. But if the parts that are missing when approaching an investor, they will turn us down flat. And they should. I wouldn’t want to see a doctor, if that doctor wasn’t Board Certified. Anymore than an investor wants to invest thousands or millions of dollars, on a project that isn’t perfected. It is too much of a risk or a liability. It is foolish and even irresponsible to even approach someone like that.

How many times will I go back to the “drawing board?” Until I get it right. Or until I have all of the pieces in place. I have done more work in one day than some that were working with me did in five months. I do not have the time to sit around and wait indefinitely for something to happen. My Fiscal Sponsor told me, “It is your film and you must manifest it.” It is heartbreaking and very sad when people who have been committed, suddenly fall away because of something I said or something I did that they do not agree with.  I do not always have to listen.  I do listen and I do take advice. But, when conviction overtakes me, I must act. I have to continue to keep going, even when others feel they cannot. I do have an amazing team of people who, against the odds, have stuck it out. We will keep going until we get it right!

I am so looking forward to the endless possibilities that awaits. I haven’t been this excited in a long time. I feel like I can breathe again and like I can finally move forward. What ever was holding me back, or what ever strings I was tied to, are no longer there. It is a glorious feeling. I am pressing in like never before. A new day has dawned…for sure!




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