Our Fiscal Sponsor for our film is Carole Dean of From the Heart Productions. Not only does she have a wealth of information about the film industry, she also has a heart of absolute gold. Perhaps that is why her company is called, “From the Heart.” It suits her. My own film company is called, “Inexorable Productions.” It is an unusual name and the first few times of trying to pronounce it, can be tricky. In-ex-or-a-ble….but it has a powerful meaning behind it and that is “impossible to stop or relentless.” I refuse to give up on this film series. I can visualize the end results and the powerful impact they will have on society. But, even if that was not the case, The Memoirs of Summer Ray, is simply a great story that needs to be on the big screen.

I am very fortunate to have so many amazing people who surround me. I have brilliant teachers that I able able to learn from. I listen to Kenneth Copeland Ministries as much as possible and order all the materials I can (for free). My first love is to the Lord and I want to be pleasing to Him first and foremost. But, that also reflects every other area of my life as well, including this first film. We have tried and failed at many different things to try and get funded to no avail. I could stop and throw in the towel, or I can dig my heels in deedper. The Bible tells me that “If I ask… I will receive. If I seek…I will find. If I knock… it shall be opened.” That passage of scripture makes me very excited. If I keep doing what I am doing, eventually I will receive my funding, find my funding or the door will be opened for me to get it. So, any one of these – asking, seeking and knocking, will lead me to my funding. But, we don’t just want any funding. The devil can also show up with a few million dollars and it could destroy the way the film is laid out. So, I have to use wisdom and pray that God’s will and only His will, is done!

I am praying for the right Producers, Director and so on. Even the music that is scored has to be right on with the story. There are creative genius’s just waiting for a story like Summer Ray to come along. I am excited to be able to present it to the world, when the time comes for it to be released. I am plastering my desk with sticky notes of positive reenforcements. The negatives had me down. But, no longer. With the help of some pretty wonderful people, I have learned the art of manifesting and the law of attraction and how they work. “Life and death are in the power of the tongue”; “As a man thinks in his heart so he is.” These are biblical principals as well that I am going to be diligently working on. I have set goals that I never have before. By the Grace of God, I am getting it together!




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