Recently, I was stuck in the mud. I spun the tires frantically back and forth, splashing mud all over the truck and like the above picture, I wasn’t going anywhere. Whether it is mud or snow that we are stuck in, something has to happen in order to get us moving again and out of possible danger.  In the above case, it took a snow blower and several people and many hours of digging out. In the case of the truck, I finally realized I could put it in 4-Wheel drive and instantly I was freed.

In regard to this first film, I was feeling stuck and like it wasn’t going anywhere. Once I found my own 4-Wheel drive of courage and the strength to dig myself out of a hole, I was free. I am no longer bound to what was holding me back. I am free; free to move in the direction that I feel is best. No! I do not know the filmmaking industry as well as others. But, I do know The Memoirs of Summer Ray and its purpose. I do trust that God will lead me to the destination I am trying to reach and that is a full feature film that is of great successs. So, we can then go on to make the next film and the next one after that. My sights are already set on the 2nd film. I am, in spirit, already passed the first one and have some focused attention on This Fair and Blighted Land Part II.  My Fiscal Sponsor told me, “You should not worry about the amount of time it takes.  Just keep going. It is your vision and it’s up to you to manifest it.”

I feel we are back on the right track. Sometimes we go in directions we hope will work out, or we think they will work out and ultimately, they lead us right back to the beginning. It is at this point, we accept our losses and just move on. If we quit, we loose everything. If we move on, we still have the opportunities to succeed. I reference our motto, “Summer Ray Light the World” to Thomas Edison. Had he given up half way, three quarters of the way, or even 99% of the way, it is safe to say, the light bulb would have eventually been invented by someone else. But, it would have taken many years and the world would have been in darkness that much longer.

In a world that is now divided by so many difference of opinions, I feel our purpose to continue on, is imperative. It is crucial and vitally important. We are back on track and the train is pulling out of the depot once again. Let’s do this!




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