One night at the ice rink, a father was desperate for me to teach his little girl how to ice skate. Of course, I happily agreed to. But something was standing in my way…HIM! As I tried to work with her, he held on tight to the back of her jacket. At one point, to his dismay he asked, “Juls, what should I do?” I looked at him and sternly (but politely) stated, “Let go!” He lost all the color in his face as fear of letting his baby go, terrified him. But he let go. Which was the best thing he could have done as after about 20 minutes, I was able to get his little girl away from holding the boards to skating on her own. Her dad was over the top ecstatic.

When I thought about the film and what needed to be done, the Lord spoke to me and said, “Let go!” I was like, “God, this is MY baby. How can I just let go?” He said, “Like you standing by waiting on that dad to let go of his little girl, I have people standing by waiting on you to also let go.” He proceeded to tell me, “Their hands are tied until you are ready to do what needs to be done.” “Ouch God!” But, if it not had been for this experience on the ice with this father and daughter, I would not have been able to relate to it concerning this first film. The father still over saw what was happening. He didn’t leave the rink area. He was always right where his daughter could see him and he, her. But, once he knew I had control and knew what to do, he let me coach his daughter without his interference. The smile on his face and the tears in his eyes, after she skated over to him on her own was priceless.

I cannot sit here and pretend that I know the filmmaking business as I do not. I know the end result that I want to acheive. But, I do not know how to get us there. I must listen to what God said and let go. It doesn’t mean I am out of sight or not involved. It just means I have to let the experts take my baby by the hand, (with me watching) and allow them the necessary space to do what needs to be done, without any interference from me. It is scary as I am ultimately responsible for the outcome of this project. But, God would not send me people who would do us harm. I trust that He will send to this project only the best and only those who are the right fit for us. This project is going to take years to complete. We will all be very involved in each others lives hopefully for many many years.

Just know I am rink side still watching and waiting for the experts in this field to take the reigns. I am ready to let it go and watch someone else do with it what I could not. The Board of Directors are still managing what we are responsible for. You can still contact us with any questions or concerns. But, in order to move this film forward I, Juliana, have to take a step back.

You’ll see! It will now be able to go somewhere.






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