I am almost relieved that we had not started Production yet on “This Fair and Blighted Land Part I.” I have gone back and forth from it being  Historical/Fiction (which it is) to a Suspense/Thriller which is as well. But it is also  Supernatural/Romance and Drama too. Geez! What was I thinking? But all of these different genres actually work together in one epic adventure. I did not know that I was going to add more books to the story. Perhaps, I was needed to write the screenplay and adding more volumes to the story (during that time) would have been too much for me to handle. But now that the first screenplay is in its final draft, I have been searching for ways to promote the story of Summer Ray. The Summer Ray Series; the Summer Ray Saga…which both work. But so does, “The Story of Summer Ray.”

One must be creative in trying to reach an audience. But, since we are able to appeal to so many different types of film lovers, our audience is not limited.  Our audience is as broad as it is wide. Just know we are still working on this project. It might appear that nothing is happening, but I can assure you, much is taking place behind the scenes. I am steadily working on making sure the completed volumes of the series are as close to perfection as possible.  We are also in the process of selecting the right Director and working with the Harrisburg Film Office. I am very proud of this story and I am greatly honored to be able to bring it to you on the big screen.  We have an amazing and talented team of professionals who will help me to carry this vision to reality.

Stay tuned for an epic, upcoming adventure that will take years to complete. We are so very thankful you are a part of this awesome journey.

Yours Truly,


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