I was having car trouble and by the way the engine sounded and the way the car ran,  you would have thought it was going to take some major repair work. Which would have also been, needless to say, expensive! Yet when the mechanic plugged the computer into the board, it showed the need to change a spark plug, A SPARK PLUG – ONLY ONE!  I did not know how one non working spark plug could cause so many issues. But, if it misfires – fails to ignite or discharge properly, (and yes, I looked up the definition), it causes all of the other cylinders to not run right either.

I couldn’t help but think of the film. If one tiny thing goes wrong, or if one person is out of place, or if one line of the script isn’t in tune with the rest of the story, these issues can cause a domino effect of bad. Things won’t operate the way they are meant to and the result could spell disaster. Think of a tiny splinter in your foot or toes. It amazes me too, how something so small could cause so much pain. But, if you have ever had a splinter, you know exactly what I am talking about. Nothing is right again until that nemeis is either ripped out, or tweezed out! Either way, that thing is coming out or else.

I feel the same way about this film. Those who are bad spark plugs or splinters need to be removed. I need to make sure there are nothing like these in our midst, ever. Regardless, it is still my responsibility to make sure things run smoothly; to make sure those who do not follow through with what they said they would do, are no longer with us. It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t say they would do it. Then there would be no reason to be upset. Keeping ones word is like gold. I do understand that circumstances arise to where there are delays. But, it will be very hard to produce a film when there are so many misfires.  We can continue to chug along hoping for the best. Or, we can replace what needs to be replaced; pull out what needs to be pulled out; and then brush ourselves off and move forward once again!

I believe in this project! We are moving on.



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