First let me say, Happy New Year. Today is January 1, 2017! Last year was not the best year for me. But I survived and I am moving passed it. The show must go on, or in our case, the shows must go on. By adding the last two volumes, there will be anywhere from 9-10 films. But in order for there to be that many, each film has to stand on its own and be successful.

I look at this picture and am filled with comfort. I was going to say, “Peace.” But it is so much more than that. This picture was taken on Confederate Avenue near Big Round Top. With the Cross and the sunrays beaming down, it feels like God is blessing the entrance of our path. Many times, I guess I try to push things along too fast. But as I wrote in an earlier blog, God’s timing is perfect. I am not sure what this new year has in store. I cannot predict when our funding will come in or when we can start Production. I have had to learn the hard way that is simply out of my control. But thankfully, it is not out of God’s. I will however, do everything I possibly can to bring in the funds we needs. I will still fundraise etc.

I am 100% certain that God will make a way. I know He is faithful. So, I keep doing what I can do, knowing He will do what I cannot. I honestly feel that all the loose ends are finally tied and I feel very secure in the fact that we are ready to move forward. Sometimes things are held in a holding pattern due to something else being in the way or something is not quite ready. If what was needed was released too soon, or if perhaps the path was cleared too early, maybe it would have ended in a disaster and we never would have had the chance to even make it to Production.

So I am rejoicing in the fact, we are still in the running for an extrememly successful film series. It is unique and has never been done before. We are an original brand and cannot be counterfeited. Like I said, I cannot predict what is going to happen this year. But, there is something inside of me that is telling me that this is the year we are going to start Production. We might not finish all of Production until 2018. However, isn’t is grand that we can finally land on the runway of Pre-Production and take off into Production? Wow! I am anticipating like never before! God is good and may your 2017 be as blessed as ours!!!


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