I will never get tired of looking at this picture and not just because I took it. Everything about this, is picture perfect. This is how we want our films to look. We do not want things out of place, or blurry, or without purpose. We cannot just go out there and “wing it.” Doing something “without preparation,” would cause our film to be a pitiful disaster.  It is easy to get impatient. It is human nature, to want to rush ahead when we are not quite ready to do so. The pieces ALL have to be in place and that includes a great script, polished and ready to go.

In revamping my book series, I noticed something in the first book that was not added to the screenplay. I freaked out. How could I have missed such an important piece that was so necessary, in the evolution from past to present? Which is our “signature” so to speak, for the series of Summer Ray and how the storylines blend the past with the present. Things that are good, can go on to be better. Things that are better, can go on to be excellent. I have taken hundreds of pictures of this bridge in various weather conditions. But only one stands out the most. We want our film, to be that one film that “stands out the most” as well.

We will get there! Our motion picture will be perfect, or as close to it as possible!




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