If I was to look at how things are, instead of through the eyes of faith, I would be pretty discouraged about now.  I might even throw in the towel because of the impossible odds sitting before me. I am sure it is at this point, many people do give up. When you have dug so many trenches that your back feels like it is breaking and you still have yet to find that fountain you are in such desperate need of, it is easier to walk away then it is to keep digging.

Yes! It would be easier for me to give up the film series of Summer Ray. It feels like I have walked on rocks for so many years. Where there are rocks, there is nothing growing. Plants and vegetables need good soil to grow in to produce a harvest. So what am I thinking? Well, if I was standing still on top of those rocks and not moving forward, I would say, “Houston, we have a problem.” But, seeing how we are moving forward, faith tells me that just up ahead, over that one last hill and across that one last stream, is the breakthrough and the answers we all have been waiting for.

I live by faith and not by sight.  I trust that God is working behind the scenes, getting everything and everyone prepared for what we need to have, in order to make a successful film series. It is hard to be patient when you don’t yet see the results of what you have worked so hard for. But, why turn back and why quit? Think about it. If I was to turn around, I would have to walk across those same aching rocks, just to get back to where I started from. That would be irreponsible and just plain stupid!

We are almost there! There is no turning back for us. God has the plan, the funds, the people, the places, the EVERYTHING! I know we are close to the finish line and we will cross it. The 2nd film won’t be so hard. It will get easier as we go along!





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