I recently read an interview in which famous, Novelist John Grisham stated, “It’s very, very difficult to get a movie made…today!” Although I agree with what Mr. Grisham said, I must add, “Though very, very difficult…it is not impossible.” Hollywood might have their own element of what they want to produce, but, so does God. I have 100% faith that He will work this all out. I do not know where the million/s will come from that is necessary to fund the first film. I don’t even know where the next $5.00 will come from. But what I do know is this. Though I be discouraged and weary from time to time, I simply cannot quit.

Oftentimes I wonder if I should have done something different with my life. The story of Summer Ray was not meant to be written, or rather, I did not intend to write it. I sort of just stepped into it, or rather, I fell into it. The story wrote itself. I was just the conduit or the channel by which it was written. I don’t know why I was chosen. I just was. Perhaps others were called but did not answer. I can tell you from experience, this has been, and still is  a “very, very, difficult journey.” But, only God knows at this point, the impact this book and film series will have on humanity. Perhaps it is being raised up for such a time as this. History is in danger of being erased; racism, like a snake, is reering it’s ugly head; people are loosing hope all across the globe wondering if this “is as good as it gets;”  and even some Christians have lost their way. Even I have thought, “There’s got to be something more than all of this unbelievable hardship.”

When I look at the incredible storyboards; see the pictures of Gettysburg; look at the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink; skate at my own rink – Skate Frederick; read the script again and again; hear the sound of #17 as she rolls down the historical tracks, President Abraham Lincoln himself once road on; hold the Library of Congress copyrights in my hand; and so many other attributes pertaining to this first film, I have to believe that the dawn is finally breaking. Just over the crest of one more hill, or around the corner of just one more bend, the answers will be waiting. One cannot always feel strong, when the weight of the world is sitting on their shoulders. But if I am to cast that care onto the Lord like I need to, I won’t feel that weight at all. I love it when people say to me, “Juliana, you’ve got this.” It encourages me beyond belief. But in truth, the only way, “I’ve got this,” is if my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has me. It is for this reason that I keep going. “All things are possible to those who believe” and “Nothing is impossible with God.” Those are two scriptures that I hold near and dear to my heart and why I simply cannot give up.

He will make a way where there is none. He created light out of darkness; created the earth and the planets and set them in the middle of space; calls each and every star by name – by name!!! When I look up, I cannot even comprehend how He can keep track of stars without number, let alone call them all by name. I think my mind is fully blown when I put Him in remembrance. So, how can I worry or get depressed because I don’t yet see the funding we need to produce this film? God has a very specific purpose and it cannot be seen too soon, nor can it be seen too late. The exact moment the film is released, is the exact perfect timing of God. This is His project and in His time, He will perfect it.


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