We are running a special campaign called, “Be One of the 5,000.” If 5,000 people donated just $5.00, we would have our start up “Development Funds.” Plus your donation is tax deductible as a charitable donation.

For those of you who donate to this, we will add your name to our “DONORS LIST” both on the website and in the “CREDITS” at the end of the film. Your name or the name you would like to specify, or “In Loving Memory Of”  will be in lights for all to see as to how much we truly appreciate you and your support.

Start up costs are usually the hardest to raise. But the good news is, once this is secure, we are able to apply for grants and help from the PA Film Office. Just think for a few cups of coffee, or one cup (depending on its specialty), you could be one of our awesome donors.  Plus, this $5.00 donation IS a tax write off!

So who is with us? Are you? Will you be a part of this amazing story that we must bring to the big screen? It is a worthy cause. This helplessly romantic historical/fiction and suspense/thriller set in the amazing small town of Gettysburg, is a film the whole family will enjoy.

So, if you would like to be “ONE OF THE 5,000,” please click on the “Donate” button and it will take you to our Indiegogo site where you can view the campaign more in detail.

Thank you again and again. Once I receive the receipt from our Fiscal Sponsor, From the Heart Productions, I will immediately add your name to our website’s DONORS LIST. When the film is released, you can then look for your name in the “CREDITS.” How cool is that!!!


FTH Donate Button





Juliana Love

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