I was feeling emotionally drained about everything and wondered just what the heck was I doing. All the sacrifices made lately, have been particularly hard.  Though many good things are happening, it still has been a heavy load to bear. As I was driving around the battlefield looking at the Fall colors, or lack thereof, when we drove passed this spot I yelled for Jason to, “Stop!” I couldn’t help but noticed how the sun rained down, shining through the darkness. So, I grabbed the camera and jumped out of the truck to take a few pictures. Immediately, I was overcome with what felt to be a 1,000 smiles staring back at me. Somehow these guys know my every mood when I am there. They especially know when I am sad or worn out.

They reminded me once again, why I wrote the Summer Ray Series in the first place and why I am so passionate about seeing it all come to life on the big screen. It is meant to change lives for the better and see people live a life of unity with their fellowman. These guys, Union and Confederate Soldiers, sworn enemies – are united now and we should all be too. Every life matters. I am pretty sure the Lord Jesus Christ did not pick and choose what color of race He was going to die for. No! He died for all.

It is difficult to pick and choose the audience for this film series. I wrote it for every human regardless of race, sexual preference, religious beliefs or any other beliefs for that matter. The heart and soul of the Summer Ray Series is to be united in love to the one True God and for us to learn how to love and accept each other as equals. The hallowed ground must tremble at the hate that is spread across it still.

It is my mission to help “Light the World” by this book and film series.  It is a passionate and compelling story that is profoundly real in so many ways. Although we are moving forward, I guess I just needed to stand still for a few short seconds to remember where we came from and just where it is we are going.

Thanks My Beloved Soldiers,




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