In regard to this first film, over the years, I have seen many people come and go. I learned early on not to get too attached as even friends have walked out and have turned on me. But I continued on. I have never lost sight of the finished product regardless of who has said or who has done what. I still have the finished film series in sight. It is ever before me. I am constantly reaching for it.

Unfortunately, there are times when the wind does blow and as the storm rolls in, the rain beats down on what we are trying so hard to accomplish. But, I stand my ground and hold my line as those brave soldiers, of the Gettysburg Battlefields, would want me to do. To retreat or to fall back from the enemy forces trying to ruin or sabatoge this film production, would be of great disservice to the bravest of the brave. These are none other than my beloved Unknown Soldiers;  most were blown to bits due to what they stood for.

I believe the Hallowed Ground shudders at such words as “Let’s quit!” “I give up!” and “I can’t do this anymore.” I cannot give way or withdrawl myself, simply because the dark clouds of dissension have rolled in and have knocked me down. I do not always know the right direction in which to turn, nor do I have the expert knowledge in filmmaking. But I do have certain convictions that need to be honored where appropriate. I am teachable. I am only stubborn and closed minded when the situation calls for it.

Sometimes it is an emotional roller coaster. The ups and downs basically suck as the highs turn into lows or the lows turn into highs. But that truly is the beast of the business. It is not always going to be tears of joy. It is a very hard profession to choose that is not for the faint at heart. I made a commitment and I will see it through to the last credits of the last film.





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