As I was waiting for Jason to come out of the Chiropractor’s office, (mind you it took 2 1/2 hours), I finally had to go sit in the truck for fear my lack of patience would get the better of me. To my left was a Dunkin Donuts drive thru. As I watched many people drive in and out, I pondered our film. Yes! I usually think of the film every second I am awake. But in this case, I thought of how we tend to cut corners or have to have everything at super sonic speed. But in a society where we live like this, quality is cut and so is good health. For our film, it is the quality. Quality is defined as “a degree of excellence” or a “set of standards.” For us, we are striving for the high standards of excellence. Which has meant a long time of preparation or pre-production. We couldn’t just “wing it.” Throughout the years, there have been many times when the re-writes got to me. I was so tired of reading the same things over and over again. I was frustrated by having to fix this piece or that piece. I was discouraged when I realized how long it was going to take to get it right.

But let me ask you this. Would you want a doctor to treat you for a broken leg if he was a dentist? Would you want either of them to treat you if they had not yet perfected their craft or field of study? It really is no different when it comes to mastering this thing called filmmaking. I don’t want a mediocre film. You will spend money to come and see it and I do not want to let you down. I want you to feel as if your money was well spent. Why? Because you are important to me. You are important to the vision of Summer Ray. We are not just doing this because we have nothing better to do. In fact, I would not recommend being a screenplay writer/filmmaker to anyone. Here soon we are going into our 9th year. 9 YEARS and we are still in pre-production. It is almost unbelievable to me how long this has taken and yet here we are. We are still pressing forward and moving on. We go against the grain, the wind, the rain and the critics. But we are still moving forward. We have not quit. Why? Because we believe whole heartedly that this project is meant not just for the book series to be read, but for the film series to be seen as well. When you believe in something as we do, you will understand why we strive for exellence.

I don’t want a drive thru film and neither should you. We take value in the script and we are not about to desmantle it through impatience. Sure it has been a very hard road. Sacrifices have been made by people who have been instrumental in getting us this far. IT is a dream come true for me. But it is also a worthy project that deserves the best we have to give it.  As the picture says without words, take the time to just breathe; drink the cool water of the season and just know we ARE getting it done.

Till next time,



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