Since I am new to filmmaking, I do not and did not know the operations on how things ticked. I am ever learning this art. I am indeed thankful there are so many knowledable people who laid the tracks out before me. Auditioning and casting was something I may have felt in my heart, but it was never something I could communicate very well. “What are you looking for?” I hear that all the time. Although I have the ideal characters in mind, I cannot imagine having to audition for them. Even I have to audition for the role I want to play. Say what? Yes! It is true. Though the writer, producer, photographer and so many other hats I have worn, I still have to audition for the part. There again, I cannot imagine having to do so.

So, I will either not act in my own film, or I will take the necessary time to do what I have to do. When someone with expertise tells me what I need to do, I do it. It is that simple and I do it without complaint. Thankfully there is plenty of time to prepare. The funny part is, I will still have an opinion in who I want where. It doesn’t mean I will have all of the say in the matter, but I will have an opinion.

If you are auditioning for a role, do your best to get the book “This Fair and Blighted Land.” You can find the link to it on the “Be Prepared – Acting in Film” link on the website. Get to know the character you want to become. These characters (to me) are real. They are alive and breathing. They have their own voices; their own personalities; their own movements and their own agendas. They have their own unique way of sitting, standing, walking and even skating. They have their own persona.  The audition is to seek out the best person for the persona.

Please, please, please get acclimated to this story. It will help you become the role and not just act the role. Learn how to communicate in such a way you can be heard. Take voice lessons if you have to. But by God, do something to prepare your voice for the correct and proper diction. We have to hear you at the audition. We have to see how you move across the stage or the room. Come prepared. Come as if it would be hard to tell you from your character. Come in character. Be the character. If the character stutters, then stutter. If the character is angry and bitter, project that. The list of open roles is also on the website. I will do my best to better describe exactly what each character is like. You can also audition for more than one role. Keep a list handy of any experience you have. Please have a proper headshot as well. Research how a film resume is supposed to look. Even if you don’t have any acting experience, a great headshot is still important. Casting calls are coming soon. I hope to see you there! Just remember to be prepared and do your best!





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