As the film starts to build momentum – (speed or strength of something as it is moving), commitment levels must also build and keep up with what is going on. If you are given this great opportunity and you accept it, you are taking it on as your own. As great are the rewards; just as great are the sacrifices. If you want the thrill of being on screen with your name in the credits as well as other possible amazing benefits, you will have to put the effort into it. You might have to sit in character for hours just to film a 20 minute shot. Or you might have to come back the next day because we couldn’t get to your scene, or we have to redo it.

You have to be willing to be flexible. You will be expected to be on set and not ask, “Why?” if something changes. I, for one, cannot communicate to so many people the how’s, why’s, do’s and don’ts. It is just not feasible for anyone to think I am that qualified. This is why it is vital, for you to check the website. All the information you will need will be added. So please, stay up to date via this website. We simply cannot accommodate everyone via phone or email.

We are giving you, once you are given a role, an opportunity to be a part of something huge with an amazing message of hope. Please do not bog us down by not doing what you say you are going to do. You are being counted on. We are depending on you. This film needs several hundred people to put it together and turn it into a masterpiece. I am a puzzle piece. Our Producer is a puzzle piece. The Lt. Colonel is a puzzle piece. The Board of Directors are puzzle pieces and so on. Each piece has a specific purpose that once it is all said and done, is something of spectacular proportions; a masterpiece is made.

This is just the first film. If we make this first movie as successful as I believe it is going to be, hang on because there will be four to six more films to be made. This is only the beginning. But remember, As Great Are The Rewards; Just As Great Are The Sacrifices!

I am not saying to never ask questions. I am saying that you don’t need to know everything and there will be many things you will not be permitted to know. Just do you and what you are supposed to do. This is so no one gets burnt out, frustrated or overwhelmed. We are to support each other and help each other. We might not run as smoothly as I am hoping. But we will run to the best of our abilities, which will cut down any unnecessary stress. Just because we are getting funded, (whether all at once or in installments) it doesn’t mean all the kinks are ironed out. Some of those can only be fixed by trial and error. But we are moving forward and with the help of our film consultant, we will have the much needed instruction and finally be set on the right path to “Action!”



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