Since January 6, 2016 – I have published 355 blogs on this site. I wanted to document our journey as much as possible, in hopes that we can encourage others who are struggling in this business. Most book authors do not write their own scripts. But it was something I couldn’t wait on. I had to learn to write the scripts myself. But all of this has been a process. Also, I want to give you the link to an Ebook that I am a part of called, “Extraordinary Filmmakers.”

All proceeds from the sale of this book go to From the Heart’s Documentary Emergency Fund to support documentary filmmakers.

If you click on the book cover, it will take you to the site. It is produced by our fiscal sponsor – From the Heart Productions I try to pass on as much information that I have learned from. If you need help with film guidance/film funding, I highly recommend you get in touch with Carole Dean of From the Heart Productions She is as true godsend and has a wealth of filmmaking/film funding knowledge. Once I reach the 365 blog mark, I am going to start making a yearly devotional. There again, to try and encourage anyone who needs it. God did not tell me how long this project was going to take. We are in our 13th year. So I fully understand the frustrations of why things might be taking so long. But for us, delay has always meant something amazing is about to happen. I thought the script was finished. HA! See, God knew it just needed another small tweak. Here is the above link again as to what that “small tweak” was

The crazy part is, I wrote that scene (though it was much longer) back in 2015 and dropped it. But to have parts of it added again, has made a world of difference and brough much needed depth. It was like the missing piece was finally found. But honestly, I do not know if we are now looking at two (70 minute) episodes or a pilot feature that is over two hours long. We have to use wisdom. I am not concerned about raising the funds for the budget. I am more concerned with our viewers being able to absorb the narrative. It isn’t easy to keep up with films that jump around so much. If we slow things down, our viewers can take in all they need to. There would be absolutely no point in making a film that is too fast, with so much going on that people cannot grasp the story or fall in love with the characters. We could do a pilot as Part I and Part 2. I am not against it. As much as I want a full feature film, what I want more is for our viewers to become intertwined with the story.

I have definitely changed over the years. I am now seeking a “Casting Director.” Before I wasn’t going to have one. I had flat out refused to make the pilot in two parts, rather than one full feature film.

But we have to do what is best for our audience, after all, you are the reason we are creating this via film or made for TV series!

Till Next Time,

God Bless,

Juliana Love


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