Harrisburg, PA; State Capitol Rotunda

The picture is where we are filming our ballroom scene. There are no words to adequately describe just how magnificent this building is. You just have to see it in person and see for yourself. http://www.pacapitol.com/book-a-tour/#step-1.

To watch Summer Ray elegantly grace this grand staircase, will be a film – dream come true. Also on this tour, I saw in the Supreme Court, a chandelier and Moses was inside one of them.

Our leading man is Michael Moses McDaniels. His first name is after my twin brother, who sadly passed away in March of this year. Moses, of course, is in the Bible; and McDaniels – if I recall, this name was just another one I closed my eyes and pointed to in a phone book. I kid you not! It’s how I got most of the character names. Some are a combination of two or three. I am 100 percent certain that we are at the Red Sea in regard to our funding. But nothing is impossible with God, and I am 100 percent certain of that too. Only God can part the sea. Only can provide our funding, in the midst of inflation. It is why I keep going forward. Just as God parting the Red Sea was a miracle, our project being fully funded will be a miracle as well and it’s exciting. It is stressful to, not gonna lie. It is at times very hard. But when I put my eyes back on God where they belong, it becomes like a treasure hunt. I am anxiously awaiting for God to show me what to do, so He can do what only He can do. Joshua and the Israelites marched around the walls of Jericho because it is what they could do. Then they shouted, and God did the rest. I am seeking God to see what we can do, so that He can make the walls of Jericho crash down, and the Red Sea to part. Our God is a miracle working God! Fact!!!

If you would like to be a part of this miracle in the making, please click on the red, “Donate” button. It will take you to our online fundraiser. Also donations via this site are tax deductible and come with some really great perks.

To Donate By Mail:

Please send a check or money order to:

From The Heart Productions Inc.

1013 Harbor Blvd #53

Oxnard, CA 93035



Juliana Love

In front to the Capitol

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