Several months ago I started taking an Intentional Filmmaking class via our Fiscal Sponsor – From the Heart Productions.! Let me just tell you, I was absolutely terrified when I first started. But Carole Dean and Tom Malloy (, did an outstanding job at helping to build my confidence. Their wealth of the film industry is astonishing. I learned so much. I also learned a lot about myself and my belief in the story of Summer Ray. I may have been deemed difficult at times, but it was with a good reason. I know the story and I will not give in to something I do not feel is best. This stance comes with a cost. But I have to trust that Father God has the right people already in place, such as Carole and Tom. If it means the funding takes a little longer, or finding the right director etc., takes a little longer then so be it. I will not settle!

I look up at my goals that I wrote on a poster. It hangs right above my computer on the wall. One of those goals is, “finish class – Intentional Filmmaking.” The next class is the last class and I will have accomplished this goal. There are a lot of goals that I am still working on and that is okay too. I have a lot going on in my life. I am not just a filmmaker/screenplay writer. My time gets divided between my political voice, my photography, crafts, and on and off ice training. But also – my family! I just have to trust that this is me and how God has developed me. It all will work out in His timing. But He has shown me that I do waste time on certain things. So, I am working on doing better with that. Right now the biggest goal for Summer Ray is for me to finish the book series. At the last two events, I have sold books and the reviews have been amazing.

I also had the honor of meeting Juliana. She is a published author, a screenplay writer and an aspiring film producer. She is also a photographer and so much more. She is on her seventh book in her series of Summer Ray. I purchased the first two books and I love it! I will be ordering the rest of the series. She is a very interesting lady. Check out her websites:; and! Her books are for sale on Amazon. She had a TBI at the age of 31 but it sure didn’t slow her down any! She is amazing. Glory to our God!” Tammy S.

I read this while I was on the way home from the beach and cried happy tears. But it also gave me the motivation to get the series finished. I am almost there, but I still have about another 200 pages left to write. I might want to be in production, but seriously. There has to be an ending of the story first. I think this is the hold up and I have to get with it and just get it done. But there again, it’s all in God’s timing.

Rising From the Ashes (volume 7)

Although I have an idea of how the story will end, or will it? There are so many ways to have spin offs and a lot of that will be determined by the first mini-series. My immediate goal right now is to complete the 7th book.

Speaking of books, I am one of the 13 people who got together with Carole to write an ebook.

13 Stories of Creativity of Resilience from Independent Filmmakers.

Sales of the book go to support the #documentaryemergencyfund

If you ever wanted to know about some of my behind the scenes ups and downs, please consider buying this book. ALL the proceeds go to help other filmmakers. I am very blessed to be a part of this amazing and worthwhile project. Thank you, Carole for including me!

Till next time,

Thank you for being a part of our Summer Ray world!

Juliana Love

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