Figure Skating June 2, 2022

Next level training; more skating; more stretching; more walking; more Jazzercise! Is it worth it? Yes! Is it helping? Yes. Is it hard? YES! YES! YES!

I am sore and worn out. Today is a rest day. Then back to walking tomorrow and the above starts all over again. Cathy and I are less than 15 seconds into the program. That’s it! Less than 15 seconds with hours and hours of practice. There are around 80 hours left until this is filmed! But because the program is for the film, to me, it is worth all of the hours necessary to make sure my part is done right. The reason I am documenting this journey, is for the viewers to truly see that it is me, who is performing, and not a stand in. I am the leading Summer Ray’s skating double. There is no double for me. This means, I have to do the work and the work is hard. It is no different than what I put into the screenplay to make sure that it was as exceptional as I could possibly make it.

When you believe in something as much as I believe in Summer Ray, you do it right!


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