Volume 7 Rising From the Ashes

I am happy to report that I have written the final chapter of the entire Summer Ray book series. I have to admit. I was freaking out a bit to the point, I had tears in my eyes as it wasn’t how I wanted the story to end. But then, it took another one of those unexpected turns and gave us all an epic ending! I still have to fill in a few chapters before the ending. But at least I know there will not be any more Summer Ray books. I did, however, leave room for a spin off. If that is the case, I probably won’t be the writer. I have poured my heart and soul into Summer Ray and I am happy that 7 volumes are almost complete. I have written the script to the pilot, and I am honestly not sure if I will be the sole writer for anymore of them. There may be co-writers coming onboard for the remainder of the film or TV series for the Summer Ray scripts, and I am finally at a place where I am okay with that. I feel that I have done my job with the book series, the 1st script, and seeing this full feature film (pilot), all the way to distribution.

Summer Ray has and will continue to be my priority, until it is time for me to let go of some of the reigns. It might be that we join with another studio and that will be okay too. I trust God to show me exactly what His will is. But the fact that the series will soon be a completed work, this will give investors confidence that this is a worthy project to invest in. I didn’t feel the pressure to finish the 7th book until just a few days ago. I started it in 2019! But I trust it will be finished by February 09, 2022. The 13th anniversary of when I first climbed Big Round Top.

I would like to see the pilot released in 2023. But that timing is still up to Father God. I believe we are closer than ever before to production and we just have to keep pressing forward and we will!


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