Sometimes I have to skate alone if my coach can’t make it. Regardless, it is still up to me to do the work. This is part of the opening moves and I absolutely know that Jazzercise is helping me. I also power walk cross country, take dance when I can especially ballet. It is all a part of the skater as a whole. But all the glamour doesn’t happen, till the day I skate the program for real, and every second that leads up to that is just good ole’ fashioned hard work. I need to make sure I am drinking enough water and staying away more from sodas and sugar. HA! It sounds good. But that is definitely something I need to be more cautious about. I am doing that little by little too, just like this program. So, I refuse to be too hard on myself. I know where I need to be next year with my part of the skating program. But right now, my body isn’t conditioned to do some of these moves. I am getting there and I WILL get there. I just know it is an uphill battle until I can get there.

Quitting is never an option. I may wish I could rush ahead but I can’t. I can only go at the pace my 59 year old body allows me. I have to make sure I do not get injured again. Injuries suck and they cost time. They only set us back. So, I need to just be thankful I have an awesome coach, Cathy; an awesome rink Skate Frederick; have a fantastic walking buddy named Tina and another awesome place, the Gettysburg Jazzercise that are all working together to make me strong, graceful, well balanced and conditioned on the ice. Out there on that ice, I am me. I am in my element, just like when I am at Bethany Beach or on the Gettysburg Battlefields. We just have to find the “me” in the things we do and not try to be anyone else. Home is how I feel when I skate.

We have about 55-60 more weeks till we film the Christmas scenes in New York City. This program – may or may not be green screened at Skate Frederick. My coach and I are going to the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink next month to work on the program up there. Oh gosh darn! But gotta do, what we gotta do right!!! LOL. See you next week. Happy skating:)

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