I wrote a book titled, “The Process of Empowerment.”

EXCERPT: So, what does “empowerment” mean anyway? It has to do with “giving legal authority to; to enable; or to promote self-actualization of.” What the heck is “self-actualization?” In simple terms, it basically means to reach one’s full potential. Oh God! What is “potential?” “Potential” is defined as “capable of being, but not yet in existence of; existing in possibility.” Potential is what we are after and why I sat down to write this book.

What do you see as your potential? My figure skating coach, Cathy sees my futuristic abilities on the ice, and she works me towards those advanced moves.

Skate Frederick; Frederick, MD

Even when I think she is absolutely crazy for even suggesting I can do such a thing, she sees something in me that causes her to pursue her beliefs that I can and will eventually reach those goals. She is a power coach, if I ever saw one. Cathy does not ever allow me to use my age (fifty-nine) as a crutch. She does not ever allow me to use my disabilities as a crutch either. To her, it does not matter that I cannot feel my left leg, both feet, arms and hands. She just patiently works me through the lessons and she rejoices when I make progress.

This is the kind of coach you need in your corner in everyday life. If you want to become empowered, you need people in your life who see your value and your potential, even when you do not.

Parents need to be aware at how much their words can destroy their children’s self-worth. Their future depends upon how the parents reared, nurtured and cultivated them in terms of value. Living with a toxic relationship is, indeed, an empowerment killer. Toxic people, though for some, is due to the abuse they themselves suffered. But let me say right here and right now, it is still not an excuse to spread even more venom.

I have a very hard time when someone says to me, “I am a realist.” A realist is one who is inclined to the literal truth and pragmatism. Pragmatic people are rational and logical thinking people. They see things as they actually are, not at what they could be. They are the ones who tend to rain on parades, or burst the bubbles of our dreams. They will see the truth of the situation and never expand from there. As a Christian, I live by the fact that all things are possible to those who believe and with God all things are possible. Yet, when I try to explain that to those who have a turkey mentality and I expect eagle faith out of them, I end up highly disappointed. So, what do we do when we are disappointed, downtrodden and disillusioned? We drive…”

I love my new Jazzercise class in Gettysburg. It took me a while to make the decision to attend. I remember the self-sabotage talk of: “I don’t have the time; “I don’t feel like going;” “I am way too tired.”; “I don’t have the money.” My walking buddy, Tina and I discussed going for over a year. Yes! You read that right, FOR OVER A YEAR! I wish I had started over a year ago. I am quite sure my physical and mental health would be in much better shape. But I cannot dwell on the past. I can only take today and make the decision to just go as often as I can. No! That isn’t the right answer either. I have to be diligent with my schedule and have my life work around my skating, and fitness. I COME FIRST! Summer Ray could take another ten years to be completed with the final episode. I cannot “conk out” now (to tire suddenly or collapse, as from exhaustion)! Which is exactly what has been happening to me over the last several months. I am not just the author of the series; I am the screenplay writer/producer/web designer/blogger/newsletter writer and the skating double for the lead Summer Ray. I also have my own cameo role in the pilot. It is exhausting. Then I forget to eat right. I would much rather shove a cupcake down my throat on the run, then sit and have a decent lunch. It becomes a vicious cycle. But when you have the right people around you who are empowering you, it makes all the difference in the world. To see these amazing women at Jazzercise is mind blowing. They are truly inspiring, and make me WANT to go to class. So to my wonderful friend and coach Cathy; to these awesome women at Jazzercise; I just want to say, “Thank you!” With your help, I know I will be all I can be for this film because truly, you are God’s gifts and not just to me, but to the world!

Take care of you! Do not neglect your own mental and physical well being. The Entertainment Industry can and does cause many of us to “burn the candles at both ends,” “to do more than one ought to; to overextend oneself.” We are burdening and overloading ourselves, when we do not take the necessary time to take better care of minds and bodies.

Photo by Jill Burrow on Pexels.com

There again, take time for you!


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