I want to add more to the post I wrote yesterday – some of that touched on procrastination. I had listened in to the class via our fiscal sponsor – Carole Dean of From the Heart Productions. (If you need sponsorship, or any kind of encouragement and direction, please reach out to her www.fromtheheartproductions.com. She has been discussing the book, “Think and Grow Rich.” It was written by Napoleon Hill. Other than what was said about procrastination, what stood out is, what was said about persistence and making clear and concise decisions. “Persistence” is defined as: “firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition; tenacity, able to grip something firmly, determined.” Carole once told me, “Tenacity is the backbone of a filmmaker.” We have to be like bulldogs when they bite down on something, they don’t let it go. Our willpower to succeed, has to be stronger than the obstacles. If our willpower isn’t stronger than the obstacles, we will quit. Why? It is because they are two polar opposites. One will try to stop our progress, the other will have to overcome the interference. How bad we want our projects to succeed, depends really on our willpower to press through the storms that most definitely come our way.

Dead weight, is dead weight. It is not contributing to the project at all. If there are people who are not doing what they need to be doing, it is only holding us in an extended state of suspended animation. The body of the project has almost stopped breathing. Its life source depends on funding to be brought to life. If there is no funding, there is no film. It is just like, if there is no story, there is no film. Funding is not an option. It is the breathe of life to our film projects. When it becomes crucial that funding starts to come in to go to the next level, there needs to be people in our corners ready and willing to do the work. This is where that procrastination must stop, and clear and concise decisions need to be made. Who is doing what? A team is a team and if only one or two are working it, then there needs to be some serious changes. Sometimes the obstacles are those we have brought on board. This has happened to me many times and when I finally made the decision to cut them loose that dead weight was lifted. This cannot be about feelings or friendship. Let me say that again. THIS CANNOT BE ABOUT FEELINGS OR FRIENDSHIP! It has to be about business and what is best for moving the project forward. Serious delay costs time, money and possible missed opportunities. I am making the decision to stop allowing my project to be in a coma and unconscious. I need to be diligent in breathing new life into it. Yesterday two more Confederate statues were removed in Charlottesville, VA. Every time this happens it is like a piece of America dies. History is history and cannot be desecrated. But sadly, it is. With Summer Ray, my goal is to help history survive the future, so that hundreds of years from now, it will still be preserved. We must stop this violation, of the sanctity of the blood that was spilled across these battlefields.


I wish just once, I could go back in time,

I’d tell you about history.

A resolution, perhaps you’d find,

Instead of death, to sweet liberty.

You thought your pain would finally end,

Yet it still resonates, throughout the years.

Brother fighting against a friend,

This Hallowed Ground still sheds your tears.

And though it may seem we are worlds apart.

You are imbedded upon this land.

I walk with you inside my heart,

And never stop reaching to hold your hand.

I hear your sound, echoing through the trees,

As your courage, it lights my way.

Your agony, it drops me to my knees,

Whether you are Blue or Gray.

No matter your Cause, you died the same,

And your past lives on tomorrow.

Though some of you fell, without a name,

And words can’t define your sorrow.

We cannot help but to honor you,

And cherish your amazing stand.

Confederate grey or Union blue,

Your colors still grace this land.

And I wonder if it ever, crossed your mind,

“Will they remember me?”

I wish just once, I could go back in time,

I’d tell you, “Yes, for eternity!”

Juliana Love

Savannah’s Calling – Volume 2 Summer Ray

poem is copyrighted under

Round Top Publishers 2013-2021

While some are trying to forget, Summer Ray never will!

We will do our part to help our American History survive the future.

We will keep our history alive!

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