This might be one of my more serious blogs, not that they are not all important. So here goes. Over twelve years ago, I first climbed this hill. I was 46 years old and very ambitious and zealous about our American History, even more so now. Time is the one thing that has been in a constant forward motion. I have never been one to be upset about aging. I have always been extremely active. But time, is passing by and our American History is being taken down and toppled over. Today is July 10, 2021, and both General Lee’s and General Jackson’s have been removed in Charlottesville, VA! I cannot help but feel the loss and I feel a responsibility to do all I can, to help preserve our history.

Have I procrastinated? Honestly, I do not know. Have others on the project procrastinated, I don’t know that either. All I know is that we must move this project forward. Have we delayed and postponed to our own hurt? There again, I do not know! But, as our history is being torn down and ripped to shreds before our very eyes, we simply cannot allow this project to stall any longer.

The decision was made to shorten the script to only 45 minutes to start. If we feel we need to add more for the 1st episode we will. But this cuts our budget to only $1,000,000. Which is still a lot of money – but still an ultra low budget! Summer Ray is adorned with our American History – to the offense of those who are trying to destroy it. I even had a producer try to make my characters Liberal. He was promptly fired. I must remain true to myself and true to the nature of the Summer Ray storylines. But procrastinating and waiting for the right time to move forward, is no longer something we can do. We simply cannot sit still, while our America is under such a horrific attack. To some, even our flag is offensive! I stand by the American flag and I most certainly stand by my country!

I pledge allegiance to the flag…”

If you have ever walked the Gettysburg Battlefields,

Virginia Monument – General Lee

or sat at the Gettysburg National Cemetery,

perhaps you could understand my passion for the soldiers who fought and died on these fields. Maybe they don’t really know the state that America is in right now. But I do. We at Summer Ray do and we can no longer sit back, feeling helpless to move forward with the project!

My call to action is simply this. We are accepting donations of any amount, with two different fundraisers. Both of them have really great perks. One of the fundraisers is a non profit and it tax deductible. We are fiscally sponsored by Carol Dean of From the Heart Productions. To view the fundraiser on this site, please click on the link below their logo.

To view a non tax deductible fundraiser via GoFundMe, please click on the link below my logo.

Every little donation, will add up to big donations. We absolutely do not want anyone to give more than what they are able. This is God’s project and we are not wanting to bring someone harm, while trying to build someone up. But we do thank you for your donation. You are helping us to preserve our history and the help us, “Light the World” at the same time. For more Summer Ray information, please visit the website: www.thememoirsofsummerray.com!

We are also on FilmFreeway: https://filmfreeway.com/JULIANALOVE. It helps to know that we are a legitimate film company. Thank you and God Bless.


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