After crossing the Delaware in what seemed were impossible weather conditions, Colonel Henry Knox wrote to his wife, “Perseverance accomplished what at first seemed impossible.” For years, landing on Mars was an impossibility as well. But it was perseverance on NASA’S part that made it happen. The Mars Rover is even named perseverance. It is defined as: “continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition : steadfastness.” What stands out most to me about the definitions is the word, “continued.” George Washington and the Continental Army had a job to do. They had the American Revolution on their minds at all times, to gain freedom from the British. Washington could have accepted defeat time and time again. Instead, he refused to accept defeat, time and time again and that is what we have to do. We have to refuse to accept that we will never get where we need to be with our projects. We have to cross the Delaware of our own doubt and unbelief’s, and battles that we have lost. People will reject us and refuse us. But we have to refuse their rejections and refusals, and just keep crossing the cold and icy rivers, until we find those who won’t reject or refuse us. Like George Washington, we have to refuse to accept defeat. We are NOT defeated if we continue moving forward!

Today, I am once again studying a great book by Gary Hankins, “The Power of the Pitch.” My pitch must be pristine when I stand before investors. Their opinion of me will be made in the first 30 seconds. I added the link to the book on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Power-Pitch-Transform-Persuasive-Presenter/dp/0793194393

My fiscal sponsor Carole Dean of From the Heart Productions (www.fromtheheartproductions.com) stated: “What is remarkable about your film? What in your story is remarkable that’s what you want to find; what is the remarkable part of your story that you want to pitch.Remarkable is defined as: “worthy of attention; striking; extraordinary; exceptional; amazing; astonishing astounding; marvelous.” I may have written my pitch 100 times, but honestly, I don’t even remember it. So, I am starting from scratch, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Having left the development stage behind and stepping foot into pre-production, we are at a better place for pitching! We have more of what we need to be believable, accurate, and precise!

I’m on it!


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