I read an email from our Fiscal Sponsor – Carole Dean of From the Heart Productions ( about how a film that took 16 years in the making was finally headed for their first premiere. It was an exciting picture in her email, and one that inspired me. Our project is in the 13th year in the making and sometimes it feels as if nothing is happening. I am not sure how accurate our feelings are. They can cancel out our faith in a heartbeat. When things are prolonged and delayed, it is hard to keep people interested. It is hard to keep the fire of excitement burning. It is difficult for those not in the film industry, to understand why things are taking so long for a 120 minute/ 2 hour movie to be made. But there are some things that are out of our control and we have to maybe take a baby step, when we want to take a leap. Some on my team also have full time jobs and extra time is not readily available – all the time.

But if there is one thing that I trust, it is God’s timing. I may not understand it all, but I don’t have to. I just have to have full confidence that Father God is with us and that HE will bring this project to completion. But truthfully, the waiting is tough. Still in the meantime, I am steadily training on and off the ice for my skating program in the film. So not only am I working on the production, I am training at the same time, and working on transforming into Summer Ray’s skating double. Pictured below! Make-up and Movie Magic is fun. But I also am looking forward to being me again.

Juliana training on ice
Juliana as Summer Ray’s skating double

I have a lot to keep me busy that is for sure! But being depressed cannot be on that to do list. It might be easier to stay down and out, but it isn’t very productive and that my friends is the key to success. It’s okay to get upset and frustrated. It is not okay to stay there. Do something for your project today – right now. Even if it is just one small thing – hey it’s a move forward. A baby step is better than no step!!! You have to take the time to do the research, make the calls, listen to the podcast, send the emails, post on Social Media accounts etc. Yep! It’s exhausting. But sooner or later all of those little baby steps are going to add up to huge rewards as mountains are climbed that you never thought possible, and you and I will be standing outside soon, of our own movie premieres in big lights. How freaking awesome is that! Yep. Just do it!!! Get it done what ever it is, get it done! No excuses. If a blind man can climb Mt. Everest and get to the top – any excuses we have in not getting to our premieres, are invalid.

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