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I have looked at the screenplay 1,000 times plus. As I was getting it ready to send out for it’s budget to be made, I needed to fix one or two things. I feel like a masterpiece is in the making, and the finishing touches have to be applied. It is nerve wracking. But thrilling all at the same time. I am proud of this work and God is ever helping me to make it better. His finishing touches, I have seen a few. Wow! It’s going to be a spectacular pilot. I can’t give away all our secrets. But adding this talent and that talent – combined with the artistry of so many other talents, it is more than I ever dreamed it could be. But this is how God is. We give Him our dreams and He makes them above and beyond. This came with a lot of hard work, please don’t get me wrong. There were upgrades on top of upgrades and then there were more upgrades on top of those. Layer by layer, the pieces were added and put into place. But layer by layer, turned into year after year. It was not easy to keep going. My motivation at times was greatly lacking because of the lack interpretation of God’s best. What I thought was great, He thought was mediocre. I had to level up to His way of thinking. So instead of having a cake with chocolate icing, I have a masterpiece on my hands that God is graciously guiding us through to distribution. The cake is done. The icing is applied. Now to add the finishing touches. It’s gonna be AWESOME!

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